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Little things mean a lot...
Such a kit should need minimal training for its use, requires no refrigeration, has a long shelf-life, and is useable in a wide variety of environments from modern hospitals to jungle clinics. Despite the kit's advanced technology, it is non-toxic, requiring no special precautions or disposal techniques and is relatively inxpensive.

The benefits of such a high-quality, low cost diagnostic tool are earth-shaking in scope, and could potentially lift the entire practice of medicine to an entirely new level.

  • It allows doctors to immediately detect the presence of one or more diseases in a patient.
  • That same 90-second test easily tells a doctor whether a patient is responding to treatment, as well.

Those two benefits alone eliminate not only all of the efforts and costs required to package, ship and await test results, but all of the wasted time, medications and unnecessary pain of unneeded treatments on patients as well.

That's exactly the kind of esoteric "research"
we are all about.

Childhood Disease Research Foundation

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CDRF is an operating arm of Optimal Medical Foundation, Inc. (OMF)

breakthrough Research

breakthrough Research
Bringing ideas like this from initial research to reality has profound ramifications on the health and well-being of all patients, but especially for children.
Our entire approach to research -- like the "for instance" above -- can bring many practical applications of better health for families and for children out of the research laboratories and into mainstream medical practice. We are working to assure that such relevant health, disease prevention programs, products, and services are made available to as many parents and children as possible.

We believe every child should have access to the best possible health; and we initiate and support these selected research and education projects especially for childhood diseases.

We believe in providing preventative, "how to" information to parents and communities as a cost-effective way to greatly improve the health of children.

CDRF is an operating arm of Optimal Medical Foundation, Inc. (OMF), which helps evolve medical research in treatments and diagnostics with many practical applications

Childhood Disease Research Foundation