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The Foundation promotes and funds research, treatment and educational programs. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors and is registered with the IRS as a 501(C)(3) charitable organization in the USA.

CDRF is an operating unit of Optimal Medical Foundation Inc


Many charities and foundations focus on a particular disease.

  • OMF Researching the pathway towards better health for families
  • OMF Evolving research with practical applications
  • OMF Cancer research treatment and diagnostics
  • OMF Public Education in high risk cancer areas
  • CDRF addresses new research across a wide spectrum of childhood diseases and the health of large numbers of children.
  • CDRF funds and/or facilitates treatment and education programs to help children
  • CDRF initiates and funds research projects that have potential to create new or alternative treatments and cures but lack enough data to garner large-scale support from foundations, pharmaceutical companies or government sources.
  • CDRF funds education projects that focus on awareness and the prevention of childhood diseases
  • We believe that every child should have a right and access to the best possible health.
  • We believe that providing preventative, "how to" information to parents and to the broader community is a cost-effective way to greatly improve the health of children.
  • We will initiate and support selected childhood disease research and education projects.
  • We aim to ensure that relevant health, disease prevention programs and services are available to as many parents, children and caregivers as possible.

The Optimal Medical Foundation funds Cancer Research programs as well as Childhood Disease Research. The Advisory Panel is composed of distinguished medical and research specialists. The Panel reviews all applications for funding and recommends to the Board of Directors those projects that they believe meet the Foundation's criteria.

Childhood Disease Research Foundation

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CDRF is an operating arm of Optimal Medical Foundation, Inc. (OMF)

breakthrough Research


Dr. Jacob Eapan,
MD, MPH, Pediatrician of California

Janet Eland-Greenhalgh,
B.A., President and Founding Director

Ian R. Marshall,
B.A.S., Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Robert Goldsmih,
MD, MPH, DTMH, (Retired) Professor of Tropical Medicine and Epidemiology (Emeritus) University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Marty Graber,
Kenya, Africa. A U.S.-trained Medical Missionary Doctor with many years of practice/experience in field work.

Dorothy Marshall,
Ph.D. (Hon.), N.H.C., N.D. (U.K.), Executive Director, International Academy of Health Education Center.

Uma Mahesh Babu,
Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Nebraska, a specialist in immunodiagnostics in the U.S.

Childhood Disease Research Foundation